Sponge Rubber


Zu sehen ist ein Türbremsfeststeller aus Moosgummi selbstklebend.

Profilquerschnitt Moosgummiprofil

Einfacher Querschnitt eines offenporigen Moosgummiprofils.

Moosgummiprofil mit Stoffüberzug

Konfektioniertes und mit Stoff überzogenes Moosgummiprofil.


Moosgummirohlinge für sehr kompliziertes Schlossteil aus Moos.

Profiles, frames and molded parts- Complex sealing systems for many applications:

  • Foam rubber profiles

  • Foam rubber frames

  • Foam rubber moldings

  • Custom-made products

The department Sponge Rubber, together with the department Hose Rings and Profile Frames, is one of the three production divisions of Gummiwerk Meuselwitz GmbH. The clear focus in this area is on the traditional car manufacturing. Seals made of sponge rubber, which have no importance these days in current vehicles, are manufactured in Meuselwitz. But also other industries, in which sponge rubber is still used today, are served. The mixture of sponge rubber, the quality and experience enables us to cover a wider range of applications in this area. Careful workmanship, attention to detail, and the joy of giving life to a "dead" material inspire us to deliver the best quality so that our products continue to be perceived by our customers as they are: "Best Quality Made in Germany”.

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